McIntosh MC-501 | Mono Amp

My experience
Beautiful Power monsters, a solid-state 500 watt monoblock that is capable of putting out a continuous 500 watts into eight, four, or two Ohms and peaks of up to 1,200 watts. To be very honest, this is the first McIntosh pair of Mono Amps that I have owned and listened to and when unboxing them I was very positive surprised. The build quality is excellent and somehow my impression from McIntosh always has been a bit kitschy because of all the flashy green lights. But when trying to get them carefully out of their boxes I was pretty quiet for a while inspecting them from every angle. Wow, pretty compact, very heavy and very beautiful build quality. I am positively surprised : )

Listening to the MC-501 in my system I only hear the music and not my system. The MC-501s do an amazing job recreating live performances. Very organic and a relaxed presentation. They have a slightly warm character and they reproduce the true emotion of a live performance. In one word, Fantastic!