Magico Q5

My experience
Michael Fremer has stated it already very clearly ” The smoothest, most detailed, least mechanical-sounding speaker I’ve heard. ” – Michael Fremer, Stereophile 

..and I have lived them through every part of my veins and soul. With pain in my musical soul I have decided to upgrade my so beloved Eargasms to a next level. I know what a wonderful experience the Q5s are giving me. Oh my, for me a near perfection and I am afraid of selling them.. What if my new upgrade doesn’t exceed my Q5 nor match them.. Q5 in the condition that I offer is super rare.

My Q5 are very open, super clear and lots lots of detail. Additional sub bass is absolutely not necessary. My Q5 makes you not only hear bass but also feel each bass frequency. Like a bath of a yummy warm bass, a wel tuned mid and superb clarity. creating a very well balanced musical image.. deep and wide.

Magico Q5 is a beautiful piece of Industrial art, 180kg each and once placed at the right spot you will be hooked.