AVM SA 8.2

€ 5.895,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
Here we go.. The design of the SA8.2 is very beautiful with a case totally made of polished and anodised premium aluminum and absolutely a very hefty stereo power amp with Endless amount of power… pushing it even up to 1.45kW on 1ohm. 

The AVM SA8.2 gives zero noise and distortion and reproduces neutral warm and powerful music. No matter which loudspeaker you use, which music style you prefer or whatever volume level you like most, AVM SA8.2 embraces all. The AVM SA 8.2 is a very powerful Class-A power amplifier and works on a higher voltage supplied from the power supplies.

I experienced the AVM SA8.2 as one of the best and most enjoyable amplifiers in its price class, and inspired me for hours of listening.

The AVM SA8.2 is truly an outstanding product, super clean and transparent, very 3 dimensional, holographic, with a big soundstage and if you are into solid-state power amplifiers the SA8.2 is truly worth listening to.  

The AVM SA8.2 is superb amplification!